Peacebastard "s/t" ep (RAW 001) sold out
Ole And The Orks/Bruch "split" ep (RAW 002) last copies
Go Filth Go "5 Track" ep (RAW 003) sold out
Heavy Nukes "10 Track" ep (RAW 004) sold out
Anger Burning "When" "12 (RAW 005) sold out
Discover "Food For The Warmachine" ep (RAW 006) last copies
Dispose/Kranium "Distort The North" "12 (RAW 007) last copies
Raw Hate "Fuck Off And Die" "12 (RAW 008) sold out
Avverkad "s/t" ep (RAW 009) sold out
Discover "Crimes Of Humanity" "12 (RAW 010) sold out
Frihet/Honnor SS "Scandinavian Death Dealers" "12 (RAW 011) sold out
Paranoid "Hardcore Addict" ep (RAW 012) sold out
Skänka "Demo" ep (RAW 013)
Diskonto "Diskontinued" "12 (RAW 014) sold out
Diswar "Sounds Of War" "12 (RAW 015) sold out
Angry Mob "The Genocide Continues" "12 (RAW 016) sold out
Los Rezios/Krüger "split" ep (RAW 017) sold out
Warvictims/Dropend "Japanese Svergie Noise" "12 (RAW 018) sold out
Distress "Life, Death, Rebirth" LP (RAW 019) sold out
Planet Of The Fakes "Beneath The Planet Of The Fakes" "12EP (BRITCORE RAWMANCE 001) sold out
Human Bastard "Live And Loud" LP (RAW 021) last copies yellow or black vinyl
Anger Burning/Livet Som Insats "split" ep (RAW 022) last copies
Irritation "Nattsvart Framtid" "12 (RAW 023) sold out
Brächraits "Novemeber '89 Demos 1990+1992" LP (RAW 024)
Planet Of The Fakes "Please, Don't Feed The Animals" "12EP  (BRITCORE RAWMANCE 002) last copies
Besthöven/Final Slum War "split" "12 (RAW 026) last copies
Heavy Nukes "new ep" "12 (RAW 027) sold out
Krüger "new ep" ep (RAW 028) sold out
Clitshitters/Earth Crust Displacement "split" ep (RAW 029) a few black vinyl copies left
Fear Of Extinction/March Of The Hordes "split" ep (RAW 030) sold out
Earth Crust Displacement/GAU "Distort Berlin Split" "12 (RAW 031) black or yellow vinyl last copies
Anger Burning/Earth Crust Displacement "split" "12 (RAW 032) sold out
Brottskod 11 "Demokratisk Kontroll" "12 (RAW 033) sold out
Dispair "new ep" ep (RAW 034) 
Criminal Minds presents 32 Troop "Mayday" "12EP (BRITCORE RAWMANCE 003) last copies
Diswar ´"The World In Flames"12 (RAW 036) last copies one sided white vinyl
Crutches "Lurad" "12 (RAW 037) sold out
Dispose/Infekzioa "split" "12 (RAW 038) sold out
Infernöh/ Nomad "split" ep (RAW 039) sold out 
DJ Highfly "Rohstoff" EP"12 (BRITCORE RAWMANCE 005) last copies
Blindead "Demo" ep (RAW 041) sold out
4 way split "Distorted Minds In A Sick World VOL 1" "12 (RAW 042) feat. Final Slum War, Fear Of Extinction, Krueger, Diskobra  sold out
Krigskontrast/Skiplickers "split" ep (RAW 043) sold out
Irritation "Social Realism" ep (RAW 044) last copies
First Frontal Assault "The Punisher" EP"12 (BRITCORE RAWMANCE 666) last copies
Krüger/Knark "split" ep (RAW 046)  sold out
Masspollution "Noise//Chaos"ep (RAW 047) sold out
Dispose/ Disease "split" ep (RAW 048) sold out
Dispose/Skitzofrenia "split" ep (RAW 049) sold out
Criminal Minds presents 32 Troop "Undiffused Devices" "12EP (BRITCORE RAWMANCE 004)
last copies
Nervgift/Parasight "split" "12 (RAW 051) sold out
Crutches "Förlorad" "12 (RAW 052) sold out
Knark LP (RAW 053) last copies
B.E.T.E.O. "Raw Punk Shit" ep (RAW 054)  sold out
Krack Free Media "Tomes And Scriptures" "12EP (BRITCORE RAWMANCE 007) last copies
Plastic Surgery Disaster "s/t" "12 (RAW xxx) blue or black vinyl last copies
Ebola "the last drop" LP (RAW 057)  red or black vinyl last copies
Disease "neverending war crimes" "12 (RAW 058) sold out
AArgh Fuck Kill "modern warfare" "12 (RAW 059) sold out
True Style "Judgement Day" "12EP (BRITCORE RAWMANCE 008) last copies
Krack Free Media "Quatrains And Parables" "12EP (BRITCORE RAWMANCE 009) last copies
Juice MC's "Secret Intelligence/This Jam Is Under Attack" "7 (BRITCORE RAWMANCE 7 Deadly Sins 001) last copies
Deliverance "Rescue From Danger" LP (BRITCORE RAWMANCE 010)
white or black vinyl
Counter Attack "The Stormbringer" "12 (BRITCORE RAWMANCE 011)
red or black vinyl
The Henchmen "The Darkness Rises" "12 (BRITCORE RAWMANCE 012)
red vinyl
Lyrical Prophets "4 Pars Of War/ Northside" "7 (BRITCORE RAWMANCE 7 Deadly Sins 002) red vinyl
Planet Of The Fakes "Kill-A-Man Twice/ Ignite The Mic" "7 (BRITCORE RAWMANCE 7 Deadly Sins 003) clear vinyl
Blades "Australian/ We Run This Shit" "7 (BRITCORE RAWMANCE 7 Deadly Sins 004) green vinyl
The Mantis Chapter "Iceni Kings/ Nightfall One" "7 (BRITCORE RAWMANCE 7 Deadly Sins 005) blue vinyl
Sound Of Fury "rising of the ashes" "12 (BRITCORE RAWMANCE 013)
Disease "destructive noise raid" "7 (RAW 061) sold out
Dispair "legacy of fear" "12 (RAW 062) last copies
Specifik/ Project Cee "Defcon 1/ Sometimes" "7 (BRITCORE RAWMANCE 7 Deadly Sins 006) clear vinyl
Assässini "s/t" "7 (RAW 063) last copies
Def Defiance "Hazardous" 2xLP (BRITCORE RAWMANCE 014) last copies
X-Caliber "Demo 1998" "12EP (BRITCORE RAWMANCE WHITE LABEL VANDALISM 001) last copies
Radical Committee "The Word Is Justice" "12EP (BRITCORE RAWMANCE WHITE LABEL VANDALISM 002) last copies
Licensed To Kill "Knuckle Up" "7 (BRITCORE RAWMANCE 7 Deadly SIns 007)
Juice MC's "All Guns Barred/Spydaman" "7 (BRITCORE RAWMANCE 7 Deadly Sins 008) Diskobra/ Bakounine "split" "12 (RAW 064) last copies
Honnor SS/ Disease "Amygdala/ Dis Nightmare Never Ends" "12 (RAW 666) black or marbled vinyl
Fear Of Extinction/ Passiv Dödshjälp "split" "12 (RAW 067) last copies black or blue/white vinyl
Crutches "Sald" "12 (RAW 068) sold out 
Fragment "In The Dust" "12 (RAW 069) black or marble vinyl
Vagra "Demonstration 2016" "12 (RAW 071) black or marble vinyl
Napalm Raid "Wheel Of War" "12 (RAW 072) black or light green vinyl
NEW!!! Makabert Fynd "Systemkollaps" LP (RAW 073) NEW!!! black or red vinyl 

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